Find Your Highest Good

Your life is your statement.  Where to go?  What to see?  Who to be?  What to know?  The path less traveled is often most rewarding.  Do you have a calling?  Do you not know what it might be yet?  The nature of a calling is that it is begging for your attention, to find it.  Dare we say, a purpose!  How can you be the best person possible, in this great project of being?  How can you be the best version of yourself?  Each action we take has ripples.  Each action is karma.  To find your destiny, to find your highest good, is no easy task.  It is however, a worthy task.  Possibly the only task worth doing.  What can you contribute to the world?  What are you good at?  What are you passionate about? Your life is your art, it is a transcendental statement, just by being; especially being who you are.  Authenticity is reflected in what you truly care about.  To find the reason to wake up in the morning, to find what really gets you going.  It sounds cliche, but you can change the world.  Within your own little space that is your life, if you do great things, no matter how small, they will cascade into the life of others.  Your highest calling, your purpose, is a contract between your soul and God; He knows why.  When you find what you were created for, it is divinely pleasing.  Work on yourself is never wasted time.  Those who actively seek to change the world without changing themselves are doing it wrong; it must be authentic, and that can only be true when you change with the world.  What is good anyway?  Good is true; good is truth.  Good is actionable.  Good is life-affirming.  Life-affirming action is teeming with the stuff of life, it is exponential.  Your highest good is what kind of mark you leave on the world, leave on yourself.  Destiny is the ultimate.  It is a mirror reflecting yourself, reflecting God.  Those who create; artists, musicians, tiny dancers, they take the stuff of life and transmutate it into even more stuff of life; they turn mundane reality into a “pointer”, an indication of spirit.  Your highest good is the ultimate of what you can do to the world.  For some, it might be silence, for others, it might be speaking.  For others, it might be to help tear down the illusions, for others still, it may be to build back up, better.  To find your purpose requires honesty of self; self-examination, in order to ring true.  What can you contribute?  Being is just as important as what you do.  We are all great actors involved in a grand play.  Play your role with truth and honesty.  Find your character.  It may take half of your life to find your highest good, but it is worth it; for it is largely one of the only things worth doing.  How will you be remembered?  Can you add to the love of life?  Can you turn a losing hand into a royal flush?  Passion must be found.  Passion is the stuff of life; an actor fully involved.  Great stakes are at play, yet it is still only a play, for we are in a dream.  Dreaming is the stuff of life, the imagination running wild; the imagination of who you can be.  Find it!  Seek it out!  It will find you, just as quickly as you search for it; meet it halfway.  Can you live within the realm of loving kindness?  Do you have the courage to be who you were meant to be?  Drink some coffee and meditate on that.  Where is your life heading?  Do you need to steer it in a different direction?  What will make you happy?  Care for others, care for yourself, and you will find it.  It is the by-product of involvement in life.  It is recognizing your true nature, and your proclivities.  Turn inward, and then turn outward.  Find it, if you dare!  Your highest good awaits.


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