Believe in Yourself


All depends on you.  Believe in yourself and you will achieve; you will prosper.  Look deep within, and find belief in yourself.  Look realistically on your abilities and limitations, and recognize there is always room for improvement.  Be easy on yourself.  Be okay with where you are now; accept yourself.  One should never base their life on other’s opinions; they do not matter one bit.  What matters is what you think of yourself. Believe in your ability to conquer; to thrive; to make something of yourself.  No one can do it for you; you must do it yourself.  Recognize your infinite value; the value God sees when He looks upon you.  He created you for a reason, and that means that you are worth it.  Instead of putting yourself down for faults and failings; recognize that you are human and there is always room for improvement.  Believe in your ability to achieve great things.  Keep an even mind in both successes and failures, but keep an eye on success.  Keep realistic expectations, yet slightly bent toward positive results.  Your worth does not depend on what you have done with your life, for you have an inherent worth.  Belief in yourself is a great thing, it looks toward the future with positivity.  Lift yourself up when you fall; as only you can do.


All things in this world are achieved through the power of mind; mental toughness, discipline, positive thoughts.  The great and limitless power of belief.  Ignore the demons that tell you that you are not good enough; there are many of them, do not pay them any mind.  What are your goals?  What kind of future do you want to see for yourself?  Start a great project; the best time to start is today.  What do you want to get better at?  What do you want to master?  We all have things that come naturally to us; water them sufficiently and watch them grow.  Belief is a powerful thing; it changes the way we view ourselves and the world.  For example, racist beliefs, literally change the reality we experience to see others a certain way.  Keep positive beliefs and refrain from judging.  Believe in yourself when no one else will.  You alone know yourself and what you are capable of.  Strive and work towards what you deem worthy of your time.  Remember, you have the ability to succeed, one step at a time.  Great things are in store for the man who believes in himself; he can move mountains.  It all starts with you.  It all starts with re-framing your mind, from negative to positive.  Belief is a powerful tool and ally for a great future in store for you.  Keep believing, keep the dream alive!


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