The Eternal


The nature of the Eternal. It is One; it produces the Many. Indivisible, yet dividing itself. It produces all things impermanent; yet this impermanence is an illusion; for it can never be destroyed.  It has no beginning and no end.  Infinite and everywhere; it is all things.  It is the Source. It is overflowing. It is complete within itself. It came before; and so it will be again. All divine qualities are its nature. Even the anti-divine; evil, hate, greed, ignorance, come from it, as its opposite, but deep down still its nature, for it is all-encompassing.  It is all things to all things.  The higher qualities; kindness, gentleness, empathy, compassion, come straight from its source.  It is not lacking in any way, shape or form.  The divine spreads itself out into the material, as a tree with great branches; always the same roots. The divine is heroic, it is exceptional. Abundant in beauty and splendor. Attractive.  Pure knowing.  All power, all wisdom, all love. It turns within itself, and finds all strength. Powerful and limitless; there is nothing it cannot do. It has a playful nature. This world, a game of hide-and-seek of the divine. It worships itself; it is self-sustaining; a self-rolling wheel.  It requires no explanation; it is self-sufficient; self-evident; it is the reason.  It is self-realized; the divine alone knows its own nature, and the goal for all humanity is to know this nature; buried so very deep within all souls.  It brings itself to completion. All things worship it, whether they know it or not. The life of all souls incarnated are but a small offering toward it. This life, a grand gesture of its love, spilling into the material.  Love and wisdom, being the driving force and reason for this creation.  A perfect circle; no matter how far the material is cast away from the divine, all things return to it by the gravity of its immensity.  It asks for nothing, yet is given everything.  It is beyond any conception of sacred known by man.  The eternal can never be destroyed, yet it can be transmutated.  It takes many forms; it takes all forms; yet it is formless.  It is the deepest nature of every soul.  It is the highest caliber of every quality, for it is every quality.  It is God.  It is you.  It is everything.


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