Coming to Terms With Death



The fact is, you will die.  We must all come to terms with it.  Often, when this happens, we start to really live.  Imagine the human lifespan being five years, how much would we soak up every moment?  There is a freedom that is realized when you know that nothing lasts.  Everything becomes both of utmost importance and inconsequential.  Near death experiences can have a profound impact on the human being.  Our we fated to die at a certain time?  Possibly.  Live for each moment knowing it can be your last.  Death can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.  Look at it as a sweet release from all burdens.  Look at it as nature taking its course.  All things fade away, even the stars.  Burn brightly and fade out in a satisfactory way.  You cannot teach people to value living, you can only take it upon yourself.  Life and death, both must be come to terms with.  Rich and poor, good and bad, death does not discriminate; we all have the same destination.  Often, the first step in realizing our mortality is existential depression; the realization that nothing really matters.  This can take up years and years of your life; but it will not have the last word if you push past it.  After this realization, the fact that nothing really matters can be a source of immense freedom.  To do whatever you like, to be all things desired, there is a great power found in the meaningless.  If your life has become a grand mistake, one after the other, you may take consolation in the fact that it is not permanent; all things go with the wind.  Coming to terms with both life and death, can be viewed as a requirement for truly living.  We can choose to waste away, or we can choose to make something of ourselves, to tap into the greatness that emanates from our souls.


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