Embracing Change

Everything is in flux; everything is constantly changing.  The ebb and flow of the universe.  Alchemy.  Disintegration, transmutation, amalgamation. Death, suffering, thriving.  Nothing lasts.  Accept this fact.  You must be okay with change in order to get through life.  Impermanence is the nature of the universe.  We are not the same person we were yesterday; biologically, mentally, and spiritually.  To grow and change; it is why we are here.  Good times are ahead of you; hard times are ahead of you; you must be ready for whatever comes your way.  Keep a stable and steady disposition in order to get through both.  Welcome change with open arms; go with the flow.  Each day we grow just a bit wiser; just a bit stronger as well.  The only thing that doesn’t change is your core; the observer; your soul.  We are always the same person we have always been, yet so very different as well.  The physical; your body, your mind, your Self; constantly being added to, being destroyed, being recreated, even at the atomic level.   Look toward the future with bright eyes, for the future is change.  This inevitable change may come in your favor in new and beautiful ways.  Embrace this aspect of the universe, do not resist, and you may find yourself rewarded.  Accept the person you are now to grow into the person you want to be.


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