Silence (poem)




The way of not speaking

it stands before you plainly

it is begging for your attention

silently of course

It came before, and so must you return

silence in its exacting fullness

all the many mute tongues

of the sages

all who surely know

so wise yet not saying, anything

nothing at all

speaking is one step away, after another

after another

stop right now

and retrace your steps

to find that source

that sacred place

before lips move

where non-utterance is saying

all that needs to be said

come from that place

where all words have their origin

where words will align

with that great wisdom

you will then speak

from the heart and with the soul

empathy, oh so empathic

love and forgiveness

toward all things

even the plants

even the lesser

even the demons

compassion, great compassion


reap the benefits

for all good things

are its reward

logos, mind-manifested

knowing without thinking

being without action

stand from where you are

and celebrate life

the ecstacy of the present

by breathing in and out

consciously and fully

totally engulfed

in that eternal moment

sharing in eternity

for those brief seconds

time is illusion

only the present is real

the ecstacy of being

realization of the Self

Who can say then

that you are not living?

Just being, it is enough

it is surely enough

for the creator

for it satisfies the sacred

sincerely and fully

it is why He made you

Breathe deeply and feel the body

all of the chakras abound

the Kundalini

flowing through them all

mind, body, and soul

may thine eye become single

the one on your forehead

the third eye

the sacred seeing

that belongs to the seers

of the holy men

not necessarily

those dressed in robes

but the ones

who approach humbly

with truth of their being, fully sincere

it does not discriminate

align body with soul

feel the balance

maintain it well, naturally

as it so inclines

stand on an equal footing

with God

feel His power within you

entheos, the God within

that creative source

you can tap into

it is yours

you earned it with your soul

and with your body

that which you and the creator

have made together

you have the power

it is there for the taking

by giving it everything you have

and then some more

if you wish

if you so incline

She will take all

as an offering

that which came before

will always return

divine cycles

death and rebirth

She is waiting for those

who realize their nature

that great task at hand

the overman

a full human being

the return of the Son

to shine light on this world

to destroy all darkness

the light of a full human being

it is hidden

within that great merge

of body and soul

it laughs at potential

for it is limitless

it is the source

it is all power

the man who comes

in all humbleness

will reap those rewards

head bent, hands out, humbly

kneeling fully

take what She gives you

generosity of the divine

She will give you

exactly what you need

She is looking for someone

who may approach humbly

before that great power

before all creation

it is why She made us

to give us the world

and all things in heaven

right here on earth

to manifest God

and serve all creation

take those first steps

start that great journey

you can start today

it starts by not speaking

and knowing the wisdom of



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