What Would You Do? (poem)


what would you do

if you could do anything

if you could go anywhere

if you could do

whatever you wanted?

where would you go?

how would you spend

your time and money?

who would you see?

what kind of person

would you be?

where would you travel?

what would you see?

if money was no object

where would you be?

would you chill on the beach?

would you sail at sea?

what kind of car would you drive?

what kind of house would you have?

would you be happy?

would it make your life easier?

or would you still struggle

with things in your head

or would you be at peace?

would you still worship your God

or would you worship money?

would you still be bored?

would you still resort

to watching tv?

does money equal happiness

or does it depend

on friends and family?

be grateful for what you have

there are people who have nothing

you are in the top percent

of people who have something

no money no food

struggling to survive

they would gladly

switch places with you

in an instant

take stock of what you have

what you have been blessed with

be grateful to God

for what He has given you

and to keep that dream alive

keep playing the lottery


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