God, the Androgynous Youth


What is the nature of the incarnation?  Let’s investigate following the concept of duality of the opposites, and paradox.  The incarnation is most likely a god-child; a couple examples being Horus and Krishna.  He would have equally male and female characteristics.  All-knowing, yet a naive child.  Blissfully unaware, yet knowing all things; very child-like.  He would have no preferences.  He would not be homosexual but He would see the beauty in both male and female persons; and of course the divine nature in all beings.  His incarnation would be a “coming out to play”, and the universe itself would be His playing also; divine play, divine sport, gods at play.  Naive, yet infinite wisdom.  He would have no beliefs, as all enlightened persons have absolutely none.  “The child”, Nietzsche says, “is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a sport, a self-propelling wheel, a Sacred Yes”.  The illuminated child; filled with divine ecstasy.


The Father, with strict rules that govern the universe, as indicated by science, and possibly equally strict spiritual rules, such as reincarnation and karmic cycles; and the Son, with no rules whatsoever.  Everything being fair game.  A rule-breaker, dissolving even physical laws by the magic of the divine, possibly completely destroying the concept of time, by making all things eternal.  The Father, knowing the plan alone, and the Son, carrying out the plan yet not aware of the details.  A merging of man and God, through total self-realization of this god-child’s divine nature.  Possibly filled with the ecstasy of God, yet also bored; like a child.  Order and chaos within Him.


When it comes to enlightenment, not knowing is the basis of knowing, and the Son would not know anything yet know everything.  Innocently aware of everything.  A living paradox.  At the time of His full self-realization, He would possibly be asexual; as attraction is a human desire. He would have no desires, no needs.  An old soul, the oldest really, becoming a child (again).  He would find the philosophers stone or such, finding what has been lost, to make new again; this finding could be part of the divine sport, a nice little game of hide and seek.  Finding that which came before all things to make something that has never been.  Complete destruction of impermanence and death, by making all things eternal.  A full return to our nature, soul, by the hands of a child.  Completing this Great Work by anomaly, that which shouldn’t have been; an incarnation; a complete accident, yet also planned; complete randomness within a plan.  Something wholly material, making a return back to the nature of the creator; magic and the divine.  A tragic-hero possibly, doomed to that fate, like all of us are, but completely destroying fate; along with logic and reason.  A great return back to God through the Son; through the archetype of the unlikely hero; a child.  Go to that place where you can confidently say, “I know nothing”, and you as well will be like a child.


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