Let go of control.  Control is an illusion.  Completely give it up.  Things will happen to you in this life, loved ones may die, you may fall on hard times, all things that you cannot control.  Letting go is an art form, it is the way of the Buddha.  Letting things carry themselves out in their own time and place is key.  You must master the art of letting go.  Change what you can, and let go of everything else.  Your power comes not from controlling, but from letting go.  Being a “control freak” is a pathological disorder.  Yes, you are the master of your own life, but in order to truly master it, you must let the chips fall where they may.  Thinking that you can serve outcomes to your own needs is an illusion.  Other people are unpredictable, your life is unpredictable.  There is a way, and you must find it, to exercise “right action” without holding on to outcomes; it is the way of wisdom. The Buddha acts, but does not give mind to the fruits of the action; you must do the same.  Remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  Accept the fact that you may die in any moment, and you will be free.  One choice at a time, whatever feels right in that moment, in that place and time.  Our power comes not from controlling, but from letting go.  By letting go, you will always accept outcomes, whether you agree with them or not.  Accept the fact that you do not have power over this life and you will find a hidden power.


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