We Live in a World (poem)


we live in a world

you are a person

so much to do

in this grand circus

find your way through

welcome every morning

turn toward the light

dispel the darkness

find the others

find the like-minded

humble yourself

only take what is given

be who you are

be a good person

worship your God

with prayers and devotion

do what you want

find your true purpose

solve that great puzzle

find what is missing

from God’s great work

bring to completion



all of this mystery

find the unknown

that you may know it

there is a great treasure

only you can find it

freely given

but you have to take it

you must meet Him halfway

in order to gain it

from monkey to man

right back to angel

we are becoming

something more than human

we are entering

a new age of man

a full human being

not even lacking


find it in silence

by refraining from speaking

all of God’s wisdom

is yours for the taking

you’ve been given a life

try not to waste it

He wants you to find

what came from the origin

He wants to bring heaven

into creation

as above so below

become part of the legion

that works for the Father

all divine beings

there’s nothing the demons

can do to stop it

evil will never

prevail over goodness

it is too powerful

God’s hands contain it


we live in a world

that will become heaven

slowly but surely

we will all make it


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