Scars (poem)



*Disclaimer: This is just a creative writing exercise,

intended to create a dark mood / feeling; the feeling of

someone trapped in isolation and depression with no way out.

If you are feeling like self-harm please talk to someone,

maybe go here or here.


some people cut themselves

just to feel something

to confront their pain

and face it head on

some people cut themselves

to feel alive

to know that they’re breathing

to know that they control

what happens in their life

they want to escape

they want to be present

they want to exist

but they might rather die

they want to scream out loud

nobody listening

they’re tired of people

with all of their lies

they want to be cared for

they want to be loved

but they’d much rather be

up above

at least someone cares up there

nobody gets them

no one is there

existence is pain

so why not confront it

hiding your pain

and creating your own

want to be heard

nothing to say

scars on their arms

speak for themselves

the only way

they want someone to say

“yeah, I get you”

no one will say

lack of compassion

scars on their arms

the only way

trapped in a corner

transfer of pain

a smaller corner

no way out

deep suffocation

mad at this life

mad at existence

mad for existing

lost all feeling

suffering in silence

cursing their mother

scars on their arms

the only way

slashing their arms

trickle of blood

feel of euphoria

feeling alive

that feeling is fleeting

sucking of blood

feeling like vampire

they want to see


in everything else

they want to watch

the entire world burn

cursing existence

cursing God

blood is the only thing

that slightly satisfies

killing yourself slowly

we will all die

doomed for that fate

like everyone else

struggling to make it

but we will get by


despite all this suffering

despite what you’re going through

no matter how dark it is

the day always brings light

hold on to hope

of better days to come

look down that tunnel

I can see the light

and it will surely bring forth

as long as you try

as long as you work for it

a truly happy life

always remember

there’s no one like you

you are unique

and you own your life

it takes hard work and effort

it doesn’t come easy

but boy is it worth it

go out and get it


start that adventure

it is surely out there

along with people who care

a God that loves you

who will always be there

He’s up there rooting for you

you can’t let Him down

He just wants you to try

wants you to be found


He knows who you are

more than you know it

He sees the beautiful you

when you look in the mirror


you will find that place

where you are content

it is surely within reach


a life-line for you

when you truly need it

you are always one step away

from being truly happy

just breathe deeply

and feel the present fully

you will be at peace

when you conquer those demons




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