Our Predicament


Souls, fully immaterial, cast into the world, to merge with the material.  We are born from our mother and father, just as our souls were born from The Mother and The Father.  We were born into a vast ocean that is the world, and accustom ourselves to swimming.  Deep or shallow water, it does and does not make a difference.  Our senses are tuned in, so is all higher thought; and we naturally try to make sense of this thing.  We form experiences, beliefs, and we get to know ourselves and others; we have preferences.  We form an identity.  “I am such and such a person”, because others have told me and I believe so myself.


We are all too close to this society to look at our situation objectively; we are completely immersed.  Without realizing it, we all have a ton of unwritten and unspoken contracts with society; such as conducting yourself appropriately on the subway, in the elevator, and being pleasant with the waiter, just to name a few.  Contractual agreements to being a person-in-society.


If we try though, we do have the ability to take a step back, even if it is half-measure.  We should all take a step back and wonder where this world is headed; from society to everything higher.  Where do we go from here?  Can we even explain our situation?  What is really guiding us?  Greed may be the immediate answer, for the short term, but in the grand scheme we are probably guided by curiosity, exploration of all things; it is intrinsic to humans as a whole.  That great investigation that science knows all too well.  We are not only exploring the outer universe but also the inner.  What use is a man who has great knowledge but cannot even master his very thoughts?  We are meant to tame the beast of us; to not be guided by great appetites, but by things higher; things from God.  We are first and foremost beings; we are all deeply involved in that great project of becoming.   Beings-in-change, while the soul remains static; the project of personhood.  Time and place define us just as much as being.  Do the times make the man or does the man make the times?  Yes!  Both of course.


Where is this society headed?  What is our role?  We are first and foremost creators, just as God is.  We are constantly creating and transvaluating values.  We are learning as we go.


Are we also meant to master nature, just as we are meant to master our own?   Is it even possible?  Are we hurling toward self-destruction; that train off the rails?  We are possibly meant to live harmoniously with nature, that great organism, which requires much fine-tuning; trial and error, great mistakes even.  No matter the amount of technology there will be people who choose to live in homesteads; living off nature.  We must find balance.


I posit that we are making a return, from material back to Mind.  We are all starting to place as much emphasis on the inner life, as we are the outer.  Therapy sessions, and worrying about “what kind of mom I am” and the like, are not sparse.  Mastering the mind brings forth the fruits of God; love and forgiveness to name a few.  Technology and having our immediate needs met by default brings forth people with large and of course important inner lives.


This world is therefore a group project.  Try to contribute something, anything.  What you say, what you do, matters.  Single individuals, no matter their upbringing, can have a tremendous impact on the course of things.  Lets all give our own little nudge, and set the ship right, on its intended course.


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