God Loves You (an affirmation)


God loves you. Unconditionally.  He is proud of how far you’ve come.  He made you from the clay and formed you.  He knew you, more than you even know yourself, before you were even born.  He knows how hard life is, He knows your circumstances.  He does not judge; He leaves that for those clouded in ignorance.  You are not a ‘sinner’, you are human.  God is on your side.  He is rooting for you, even if no one else is.  You are worth it.  Your life is worth it.  Do not pay attention to the naysayers, for they are lost in their own illusion; they will come around, in time; for everything comes back to Him.


Own it.  Own your life, and grab it by the horns.  Fight that battle that can be won.  Be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come.  Remember that the trials of life are what make you stronger.  Be the change.  If each individual puts in the effort then we can collectively make this world a better place.  This life isn’t easy because it is a test of our soul; we can choose to give up, or we can choose to fight this thing head-on.  The darkest nights give way to a perfect dawn all the same; it does not matter how pitch-black the night is, for light and truth always come after; it is inevitable.  Put things in perspective; if you are suffering, realize that you are going through it for the greatest cause; this great project made by the Father.  He does not make mistakes, that is human; play your part and play it well.  You have a role.  You are integral to this grand design; each action you choose creates a butterfly effect; infinite ripples, karmic ripples, extending through the universe.  Do not place hope in the Savior, thinking that He will do it for you; take the initiative to own your own life and own it well; place the burden of His cross upon your own shoulders and see it to the end.  You must, you owe God that much; you are breathing, aren’t you?  God loves you.  Amen.


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