On that Path (poem)

On that path

you must go down

don’t look back

but if you do

take account

of who you were

who you are

in that mirror

your self revealed



Turn around

and walk right through

walk the path

it is your mission

tread the ground

but very lightly

conscious steps

toward that goal

it is your duty

trudge right through

through the weeds

through the woods

use your compass

it is a road

not marked by man

it is a road

off the beaten path

watch yourself

change through walking

watch yourself

become yourself

become who you

were meant to be

become someone

worth remembering

be the person

you always were


Find that light

in the darkness

find the truth

through all those lies

become a sun

through the Son

and His Father

become self-shining


become the warmth

in this cold world

shine on others

watch them grow

watch them blossom

let them thank you


Find the One

through the Many

find the Way

through ‘not that’

find the Tao

by not speaking

find the Mother

of All Things

always giving

She is eternal

She brings to birth

all new things

She came before


She is the origin

She knows you deeply

She asks for nothing

except all you have

worship Her

worship Nature

find the source

of all creation

on that path

you will surely find it


Do not abandon

all good things

hold them close

hold them dearly

keep your senses

but go beyond them

there is a knowing

you cannot mistake

your path toward wisdom

is yours alone

oh so lonely

but oh so worth it


Years of walking

you may be lost

you keep walking

to your surprise

the end in sight

at last you see it

you made it home

that great return

to your Father

to your Mother

open arms



they are the ones

who know you dearly

they know why

you came back to them

they are the truth


they are the end

they are the reason

why you went

on that path


Tell your story

tell the others

that there is a path

you can go down

but they have to go

all alone

but they can find it

it is surely out there

reassure them

it’s not easy

nothing is

but it is worth it

let them know

there is an end

if they go

on that path


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